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Scent has always been an integral part in memory. Various pieces of research conducted over the globe have proved the strong correlation between scent and long-term memory, where exposure to scents can revive long-lost memories related to the specific smell. 

However, VR is a relatively novel and unexplored realm of research. I was curious if the scent in a virtual environment was of equal importance as the significance of the scent’s effect on memory.


Using Unity, I plan to create a scene where participants will be able to see a series of fruits. However, one group of participants will be exposed to scent VR my device, while the other will not. For control, I will create a third and fourth group that des the same experiement in reality, not VR; one group with scent, the other without. 

The research is still in its early stages, and I hope to find a correlation between VR and scent soon. 

For more information, please check my Youtube video!

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